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Starting or changing schools can raise lots of questions.  Here's are some answers to the most commonly asked questions about our school.


During the school day



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How do I drop my child off at school? Someone told me we don't even get out of the car, so how do I know my little one got to the classroom?

When you drive into the school you drive straight ahead and don't turn. All the way at the back of the school there's a turn around. You turn around & drive back out. This is the car line. You wait in line, move to front of line. Then you let your kid out. You don't get out of the car.  There's always a staff member there every day & pta volunteers on hand the first few days to help them find classrooms. After that the kids have it figured out. 


How do I pick my student up?

Via car line - Have a sheet of paper in the car that says "adorable child" (child's name & grade level) to hold up & show who you are. 


What do I do when  she needs to leave early for a dr. apt. where do I go to get her? Do I send a note with her? Does she come to the office herself?  How does she even know where the office is?

 You can send a note with her/email the teacher. Then you go to the office and they call the student to the office by phoning the classroom. 

Usually throughout the year kids have class jobs - being line leader or bringing notes to the office. The kids learn so fast that by the end of September they'll teach you the school :)


My student rides the bus – how do I now they’ll get on the right bus.

During meet the teacher you’ll be asked to fill out information about how your student is going home for first day of school.  Teachers and volunteers make sure your student is on the right bus. Each bus has a name like unicorn bus or sun bus, and so its easy for kids to remember - they don't have to remember a bus number, or need to be able to read numbers.


I want to pick my kid up by car on Tuesdays, but every other day is by bus.  Can I do that? Can I put my kid on the bus one day if I need to?

Yes, you just need to fill out a car pass and send it with your student.  These are available here:


Can my child go home on their friend’s bus for a playdate?

This depends on the bus and whether there is space on the bus.  Transportation usually announces in October/November which buses are open to bus passes.


During the school day

What time does school start?

  • Starting in September 2017 Bear Creek Elementary's new start time will be 9:10am. School will end at 3:40pm.
  • Most Wednesdays are early release with school from 9:10am-2:10pm.


My kids arrives by bus a long time before school starts. What do they do?

They can play on the playground and get the wiggles out before school starts. They can have breakfast. The library is open some days.  My kids call it before school recess.


Are the kids allowed to have water bottles at their disposal? 

Teacher dependent- usually yes


When it's really rainy, do the kids wear rain boots and change  in the classroom after recess? should they have a second pair of shoes?

They can bring boots & swap. Laces are discouraged until kids can tie themselves. 


Will there be a rest time for the kindergartners?

Not a lie down/nap time but most teachers build breaks/quieter parts into the day



We moved from California and a lot of the schools there allow the parents to come on certain days to have lunch with the kids.  Does bear creek do this?

Some teachers have you join your kid for lunch on their birthday - but as a general "parents come every Monday" this doesn’t happen. 


Will the kids have a snack time?

Yes, there is snack - you pack it each day


If she wants a "hot lunch" how does she pay, is it cash, do I have to buy tickets ahead of time?

Students have a meal card (it doesn't come home - teachers hold them). Teachers take orders in the morning and pass them to staff so it's encouraged that if your child is having hot lunch you get them to choose in the morning before school. Lunch a, b or c. Monthly menus are on the nsd website here:

 Your child takes their card to the meal, swipes it and gives it back to teacher (I think). You load money, either via or by sending money to school (check in envelope with kids name & lunch money on it).  In either case it takes 2-3 days to register on the account.  If you sign up for the PayPAMS app you'll get low balance reminders. They charge a fee to load money via paypams app but you can still use it and send money to school with no charge.


Can I pack a lunch instead of having hot meals?



Is this a Nut free school?

Not nut free, but certain classes are depending on allergies. If there are kids with allergies a note will be sent home in first few days. Kids are discouraged from sharing food. 


Where do kids eat lunch?

New this year!  The kids now each lunch at tables in the gym instead of in classrooms!



What if he gets sick during the school day?

He will be sent to the school nurse, and they will call you to come pick your student up.  And take really good care of your child until you get there.


What do I do if she is staying home sick or something like that who do I call?

You call the attendance line before a fixed time in the day (used to be 9:15 - probably a bit later now) & leave a message (425) 408-4110


After School

 Are there any after school classes? How do I sign up?

 After school classes vary and are offered at different times of the year. Watch the PTA website, your Friday folders and Bear Tracks Newsletters for more information


What is PTA and why should I get involved and donate?

Every year Bear Creek Elementary PTA supports our school, students and families with a huge range of programs that benefit every student in the school. These range from providing classroom grants for our teachers, ensuring access to a wide range of after school enrichment classes, running movie nights, STEM fair, theatre opportunities, subsidizing field trips and so much more.  Your money goes towards supporting these events.

What is this auction I keep hearing about?

Auction is a fun night out with Eastridge families fundraising for our school.  Throughout the year volunteers solicit donations for our school.  These range from bottles of wine to seahawks tickets, summer camps and much much more.  On the night of auction some of these items are in the live auction and some are in silent auction.  It is a very fun night out!

Helping Out!

 Bear Creek sounds amazing – how do I get involved?

There are a lot of ways to get involved – at curriculum night there’ll be opportunities to sign up to be classroom helpers.  You can sign up to volunteer with PTA here. Throughout the year volunteers running events will put out calls for volunteers too.



 What do I do if she forgets something? do I take it to the office? do I go to the classroom?

 Take it to the office. They'll let you sign in as a visitor and then check if it's ok to drop it to the classroom.


What’s curriculum night?

Curriculum night is a evening where parents leave kids and home and come to the school and go to their student’s classroom. The teacher will run through curriculum for the year, classroom policies and answer questions.


Can kids bring treats on their birthdays?

This varies by teacher & is usually detailed on curriculum night. Some teachers do treats, some encourage you to donate a book to the class instead, and I'm sure there's lots of other approaches too.

Still have a question?

If you have a question that isn’t addresses here please email and ask – we’ll answer your question and update the page so that others know the answer too!