Bear Creek Elementary PTA




This Year's Science Fair will be held on

Friday, March 15th.
6pm - 8pm Bear Creek Elementary Gym
(set up from 4:30-5:45pm)

Registration form is due February 14th.

Registration forms have been sent home, are available in the office.  You can work solo or in groups of up to 4 students and present together!  A Project Idea is required so start thinking!

SPECIAL GUESTS (with hands-on demonstration):
    Coming soon. Stay tuned for 2019 special guests.
Come for an evening of science fun with projects on display and demonstrations by scientific organizations!
Volunteers are needed for planning and during event set-up and breakdown. Contact if interested.
Students - Bring your projects to the gymnasium between 4:30pm to 5:45pm on March 15th. 
Look to set up your project in the section designated for your project category: FOOD SCIENCE, PLANTS, ANIMALS,  HUMAN BODY, EARTH/GEOSCIENCE,  ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, CHEMICALS, TECHNOLOGY/ENGINEERING and PHYSICS. Please be prepared to talk about your project and enjoy the results of your work!

Questions and Volunteer sign ups can be sent to Lisa Benado at .


In School Project Planning Sessions

New this year! There will be in school project planning sessions.  Times & dates to be confirmed.

Each session will have a focus like "Selecting a Topic",  "Questions with Variables", "Is it a Fair Test", "Its all about the Data". There will also be some example past projects on hand.

See below for more resources.


Pick a Project:
Projects may include research, experiment, invention, or demonstration. Science fair books are available at the school library. 

Choose from one of these categories for your Science Fair Project:


No solar systems, weapons, open flames or live animals please.






Work on your project at home and create a display board to show your project. Tri-fold boards will be provided for each project.

SHARE: Bring your display board and any additional demonstration items to set up in the gym, between 4:30pm and 5:45pm on March 2nd. Participants must attend the science fair. All receive ribbons.

 Helpful Resources

Picking a Project:
Here's a helpful guide on using mind-maps to help generate project ideas.


Click on the image to download the full document in pdf format:

Tips for Science Fair Project Presentation Boards

Scientists always report their results to other scientists and the public so we can all share in learning the new knowledge. The presentation board gives you that opportunity.

Make sure the writing on the board is easy to read – neat and large.

You can use additional pictures (drawn or from other resources – be sure to identify your sources!)

You can add borders or other embellishments to make your board scream “come look at me!”

Here is an example board from a prior year’s Science Fair.



Here are some helpful websites to get you started: 

Project Guide:

Project Ideas:

Project Presentation Boards: Presentation Boards - General.docx