The Bear Creek PTA, in partnership with the Northshore School Foundation and the NFP, will be holding a Diversity Awareness Fair on February 27th & 28th.

Students in grade 2nd – 5th will have the opportunity to experience different challenges that their peers with disabilities may encounter. They will rotate through stations and engage in activities meant to replicate the following disabilities:

1. Vision
2. Speech & Hearing
3. Motor Planning
4. Empathy
5. Reading/Writing

(Kindergarten and 1st grade classes will participate in their classroom through read aloud books and class discussion.

HOWEVER, we can't make this program happen without help from volunteers. Check out the Sign-Up Genius below to help run one of the stations.

Volunteering during the DAF is a great and easy way to give back to the kids in the BCE Community! Each station has instructions on what to do, and there are great moments to witness as kids find empathy and greater understanding for people different than themselves.