Bear Creek Elementary PTA

Kindergarten First Day Delayed for Family Visits

The Northshore School District is expanding free full-day kindergarten and one-on-one teacher visits to every kindergarten family districtwide in keeping with our Strategic Plan Goal 1: Success in the Early Years.
This means that the first day of school for every kindergartner will be Monday, Sept. 11, while most other students in grades 1-12 start on Sept. 6. The three-day delayed start allows kindergarten teachers to schedule a meeting with each family on Sept. 6, 7 or 8. 
Northshore is excited to be able to offer the visits for all kindergarten families, allowing teachers to build relationships and open communication right from the start. These meetings will be scheduled through the school the student attends and will last between 20 and 30 minutes. 
The visits are supported through the state’s WaKIDS program, linked to full-day kindergarten funding. WaKIDS also requires teachers to observe student readiness early in the year.  
In addition to the family meetings, Northshore teachers are working to provide a developmentally appropriate kindergarten experience for each student. The year begins with expectation-setting along with learning routines. Each student is observed in six areas: social-emotional, cognitive, language, physical, math and literacy. Based on the observations, teachers can then plan lessons and activities that best meet the needs of the students as they grow and develop. 
Read more about kindergarten in the Northshore School District on the district's Kindergarten webpage.